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We market under direct import, from china and korea, vital and fundamental products for the adequate nutritional development in production animals. we work under production agreements with 8 of the most important manufacturers in the market, which allows us to meet the best standards of quality, price and product availability.

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L-Lysine HCL

Lysine HCL Contributes to tissue growth and repair, collagen production, calcium absorption, and is critical to immune system health. It is added to animal diets to promote healthy growth, improve feed-to-meat conversion efficiency and ensure balanced nutrition, especially in grain-based diets. It is essential for optimal performance of farm animals such as swine and poultry.

L-Lysine Sulfate

Lysine sulfate in the feed industry is an essential additive used in formulation. It acts as a source of crucial amino acids for the healthy growth and development of farm animals, improving feed-to-meat efficiency and ensuring balanced nutrition. Its use is essential to optimize the performance of pigs, poultry, and other production animals.


Threonine in animal feed is a vital amino acid for optimal growth and development. It improves feed efficiency and supports intestinal health. Its key role in protein synthesis makes it an essential component in animal diets, promoting healthy performance and high quality production.


Valine, essential in animal feed, contributes to protein balance and muscle growth. It acts as an energy precursor and improves endurance. Present in high quality diets, valine optimizes animal performance and welfare, supporting efficient and healthy production.


Taurine in animal feed is an amino acid that influences eye health, cardiovascular function and digestion. By improving nutrient absorption and cellular function, it supports optimal growth and overall well-being. Its inclusion in diets promotes healthy and vigorous animal performance.

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