About us


At Platinum we trace our heritage from the
port of Hamburg - Germany.

Our company was founded in 1963 by passionate entrepreneurs and experts in different specialized industries. 59
years later we have established ourselves as one of the most important trading companies of products for different
industries in the market.

High-quality products,
shipment conformity and
product availability, this
is Platinum

Why trust Platinum?


Availability of the highest quality products and shipment fulfillment.


Constant updating of the market and the different industries.


Specialists in your language and time zone.


Satellite Tracking® reports by experts, showing the real-time status of active orders.


Customer service and support throughout the purchase process.


Manufacturing and private label.

Camila Ramírez
Sales Vicepresident

Camila directs the commercial area of Platinum for the different lines Food, Feed and Pets. She is Chemical Engineer with a minor in Management business from the University of Los Andes in Colombia. She really likes to work in a team and organization within any field. In addition to work, she loves sports, dance and enjoy a good meal.

Daniela Barrantes
Logistics and Administrative Executive

In charge of carrying out logistical follow-up, coordinating closed orders, being the communication bridge with origin and providing information to the client, it also supports the administrative area with logistical information of interest and general statistics. She is a technologist in foreign trade and international business, creative and persevering, good control and management of documentation, teamwork skills, excellent interpersonal relationships.

Edison Espitia
Logistics Management

International trade and business professional with leadership skills, with a high decision-making capacity, communication skills and social commitment, to skillfully face various organizational needs. Promoter of teamwork with a high degree of responsibility, always looking forward to acquiring new knowledge, with an efficient, enterprising and innovative attitude.

Valeria De la rosa
Sales Representative Trader International

Professional in International Business and Finance from the Autonomous University of Barranquilla. Passionate about her work and always looking to provide the best customer service experience.

Carolina Millán
Sales Executive

Professional in international business, with a master's degree in marketing from the Universidad Externado de Colombia. She has 8 years of experience in the commercial area of chemical products and active ingredients for different industries. Oriented to customer service, delivery of value and the search for solutions.