At Platinum we trace our heritage to the port of Hamburg - Germany. Our company was founded in 1963 by passionate entrepreneurs and experts in different specialized industries. 59 years later, we have established ourselves as one of the most important product trading companies for a variety of key industries and markets.

Port of Hamburg, Germany

Platinum around the world

We are constantly changing to meet the needs of our clients, adapting to new challenges and growing globally.

Our guarantee


Availability of products of the highest quality and fulfillment of shipments.


Satellite Tracking® reports made by experts, where we show the real-time status of active orders.


Constant market updates from different industries.


Customer service and support during the entire purchasing process.

Customer Care

Specialists in your same language

and schedule.

Business Development

Creation of private label services.

Our sales team

Mariana Sierra

Angela Contreras

Mariana Leads the commercial team and the development of new business ventures for our Platinum Feed line. Mariana has an International Business degree and is passionate about marketing. In her spare time, she is an avid road cyclist and loves the outdoors.

Angela leads business development for our Dakota brand and Platinum's pet line. She graduated with a degree in Marketing and International Business, but her true passion is animals and cats in particular.

Valentina Cortes

Camila Ramírez Reyes

Valentina is responsible for Platinum's international logistics. She studied International Relations and loves to travel. She is a foodie and enjoys learning life lessons from different cultures.

Camila is a chemical engineer with complementary studies in business administration. She leads our new line of spices at Platinum. She loves to travel, play sports, dance and go out to eat ... a very balanced life. She is passionate about environmental issues and sustainability.



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